The Haiku Collective presents haiku submitted by various contributors. As we proceed through the year, each passing week is commemorated by a new offering — be that a private moment, an amusing curiosity, a culture-wide observation, or a far-reaching truth.

The point is not that the haiku be a perfect poem of the Japanese form, meaning with a 5-7-5 syllable format. The point is to capture small instances of our lives, and to share them with others.

Another anomaly to this collective is that contributors’ names don’t appear with each haiku; instead, they are grouped with others’ at the bottom of the page. In this manner we may contemplate each offering as an entity separate from its maker.

This collective is inspired by the book The Haiku Year (see SIDEBAR). As Tom Gilroy states in his Haiku Year introduction: these are meant to be “just little gifts to one another across space.”

We hope you will contribute your own moments to this collective. And those who would like to receive each new offering can join the weekly mailing list. Thus we can all share our year, trickle by trickle.


Inaugural (and accidental) haiku, as said to Jeremy Bigalke by the proprietor of a Korean-American market in San Francisco’s SOMA district when he asked her to spot him 28¢ so he could buy both milk and Oreos:

If I had dollar
for each time they ask for dime
I'd sell you my store.


Big, old, black schoolbus —
On the side’s been painted

Drugstore window display
Box of tea-light candles
melted in the sun

Young hippie on Telegraph
selling blown glass
and talking on her cell phone

Django Reinhardt's "Louise"
Whispering in that sad café
every little breeze
a guitar sighs

Two little girls
tricycles, ice cream cones.

Kitty catches mouse
Woman frees mouse
Kitty mad at her

"So this is what it comes to,"
Thomas quips, "shopping at Merrill’s."
The manager scowls.

Pigeons peck the crumbs
she throws. Feathered rainbows
at her feet.

Park bench picnic with Oliver
chocolate chunk chookies
and ice tea

Summertime fog banks.
Depth of field now dense white-out.
Twain's coldest winter.

Two men in the library:
"So what if I got bad breath —
I still got my gold tooth."

Splendid day with Carl
photos all over the city
no film in the camera

Unwrapped package on
the floor. Cat sits in
the box, licks the tape.

Tattered paper sign:
Missing since last April 1st.
Thinks he knows his name.

Shopping at Walgreen's, helped
a man choose lipstick to match
his blue opera gloves

Child wails by hot dog stand;
Mother chides: "You know
you're vegetarian!"

Nighttime walk through Sutro Baths
holding hands in the dark tunnel

Boy in father's lap
sharing a Mexican plate.
Quiet affinity.

Ron could talk for hours, sometimes
bored me. Then his psyche broke.
Wish I could call him.

U-Haul parking lot
two stray cats, tails entwined
in a Sailor's knot

Footprints on the sand
let the wind blow over them
then walk away

Scuff of heavy boots
Castro District Christmas cheer
drunk Santa pub crawl

Caught in the undertow
surrender, not resistance
will keep you afloat


windblown snow
ashes of the new dead

stray green mittens
scrunched into
a peace sign

soft kissing sleeping
valentines entwine and heat
the waking Bosque

February's annual warm spell
tricks plum trees into blooms
soon rained away

pink petals on the
wet black bough
now on the dry black car

kid from the projects
wields a Kung-fu kick, drops his
pomegranate juice

Old woman with
painful misshapen feet
Toenails painted bright red

spring beginning
          dove in her nest
                    cat in a crouch

Supreme Court protest sign:
Jesus had two dads, and he
turned out just fine

skinny, smiling child
gnaws her way through a
dry Cup o' Noodles

boot crushed
on muddy trail—
first bloom of spring

Unexpected compliment
Protest? No
Bathe in its sunshine

Syrian father: We have no house.
Daughter: We are going to fix it.

watched 6 spring goslings —
each 3 inches of soft down and

the mother points out
the rainbow while the daughter
holds the umbrella

Church clock's 12, 3, 6, 9
read: Joy, Hope, Love, Faith. The time?
Ten minutes past hope.

Elderly stranger —
"Well, have a good life. Watch out
for Republicans."

raccoon bandit on the fire escape,
our cat's tail a bottle brush

sidewalk, sofa, man,
book, turtle, plastic pool.
lounging, reading, sunning.

Driver of packed Market Street
bus to waiting crowd:
"Oooh, they lookin' mean."

she loves her
he loves him
let freedom ring


Los jovenes, lithe,
At play beside the river—
Black rocks, deep current.


Summer air spirals,
Flowers lose their petal skirts
As they turn to fruit.

a puzzle
coming together
changes shape

gavotting little girl
prances right out of her shoe,
replaces it giggling

dressed for a 20s party,
they paid the bridge toll
for the car behind

four raccoon bandits
on the fire escape,
my tail a bottle brush

kiddies laugh as they
struggle to learn jump rope

Obeying the SLOW sign,
the worker idles on the
silent backhoe.

she lives by the Bay Bridge
sees it as a friend
is sad when it's hurt

boy: "I've been eating
lots of watermelon this summer."
clerk: "AWE-some!"

man & canoe
paddle up Mission Street
without a creek

foiled by my HTML code:
my kingdom for a semicolon

work call, street café
guy's notes: "May I be candid with you?"
Stayed 'til he said it.

MS Word's Track-Changes
speaks my new mantra:
accept, and move on.

"Now, it's not pure gold,"
Oliver explained, giving
the man his fake ring

two ripe autumn pears
on the ledge, rainbow Skittles
on the pavement

Malala says: I'm at risk anyway;
I'd rather speak up, then die.

woman giving my
flu shot said she cried
when she got hers

"Gregor, ring the bell and say 'Trick or Treat!'"
     [door opens]
"Please, may I have some candy?"

Man to blind friend: "She's got that
early last century thing goin' on."

Not sad. But sad not
To be sad. But only a
Tiny little bit.

twelve speckled blackbirds
bathe in a junkyard
lake puddle

Scruffy guy, Thanksgiving train.
Blue plaid, dirty sneaks.
Reads Dostoyevsky.

Train seat's outlet doesn't
work. Each new passenger
moves eventually.

Child's poem on sidewalk

Bathing in hot cocoa I go.
It feels joyful,
swimming in my heart

the cat fades into
dappled shadows;
eyes of iridescence

Chinatown corner
tot & dad peek-a-boo
mom holds mini Christmas tree

December twilight
Café Gratitude cumin air
old man, Tai Chi


Lying abed, my bright new
cup of java
blowing smoke rings

Snoring red Dachshund
Sinewy in sleep
Awakens my bliss

Street engineer said,
The tree’s supposed to be here.
The house isn't.

giant noble oak tree

saw tearing her limbs
silent screams of agony


I cried

After surgery
the loving hands of friends
heal me

rusty, trusty red wagon
double-locked to a bike rack

he practices Tai Chi
Sunday football

Lowell said he'd acupuncture
the state to end the drought.
It rained.

deprived of a garden,
our cat chews on
plastic flowers

day before Valentine's
huge line at Walgreen's

day after Valentine's
eating out my heart

as I eat my scone
a passerby asks if I
read the Tarot

soggy skein of red yarn
trailing from the trash bin
pins strewn on the street

Turmeric caution:
dyes all things bright, acid
yellow … like FOREVER.

All things turmeric bright …
Caution: Like dying, forever …

watched the giant, glowing sun
set like a match burning out

red spray paint on sidewalk

Mom, 70: "I
think I might try wind surfing
as my new challenge"

Going on 72:
surfing the web is
more than enough

If you can't cover me
with lilacs when I die
choose sweet peas instead

file name: My Homework
Paper About the Number
of Cows in My House

Ninth Street billboard cautions:
Remember: eternity is forever!

cold, rainy freeway
underpass bumper sticker—
The Grass is Green

passed my cobbler in the street.
we smiled, looked at my shoes

Powell Station: mom & kid
contest; both win

double fire orchid rose
in a coconut water can
by the car's driver door

Lowell wants a plaque
in every country
for the unborn soldier

Poster: Hamlet, Prince of Darkness
Print run: 500
Catching error in time: priceless

two red tricycles
on an empty green
basketball court

little girl joins friend,
flops on grass. Says,
"Ah, man!"

Sweet Little Man-cat
lets me hold his tiny hand
in my giant paw

Woman reads flyer on hot day:
"This sounds good. It's revolution."

Ramadan pigeons
Gunshots in Mostar
Where is our steel umbrella?

jazz floats through my window
cat sleeps in my lap

white caps on the bay
trees dance, windows rattle
wait until August

Gregor in my arms
quietly breathes his
cherry lollipop

baby bottle in crosswalk
still dripping milk
no stroller in sight

Miss Rat's relatives
feasting on kumquats

munching and muttering
as I read in bed

17 Ways to
throttle an HR director:
Throttle. Repeat.

If Hitler had been
a good artist, would we have
been spared the horror?

Sir cat, gaze inward
fades into the shadows of
his favorite sun perch

"Answer the phone. Answer the phone.
Why don't you pick up when I call?"

Steeped in despair,
I notice the sticker:
Caution—driver is singing

Blood on the pedal?
Just keeps on riding. Mom’s one
badass biker bitch.

the sign read: Sorry
for this inconvenience
of your understanding

A butterfly is
looking over my shoulder
      staring at my pain

After I passed
the young lad hummed:
Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack …

The sign read:

No closing quote mark; not complete.

commuter, coffee in hand,
rides his unicycle in the rain

Thanksgiving CalTrain
packed to the grills with cheerless
49er fans

Made a Simpsons reference
to an Amish woman.
Don't think she got it.

Mom to tiny tot pushing their cart:

"Take your time, my friend.
It's a tricky business."

it seems
things that made me stronger
weren't trying to kill me
after all

Quiet snuffles
Squirming warm bodies
Whiskery kisses
The pack sleeps


Trekkers far above across the slope
ellipses on an ice-white page

ants ants ants ants ants
ants ants ants ants ants ants ants
so tiny, so many

Orange oil to ants
Like the sun to the shadow
so fragrant, so lethal

The new year is old
Already it wonders what year
What day this is

warm January day
yellow onion on storm grate

stranger takes our picture,
counts in fast succession:
one, two, [ click ] three!

kid drops the Spanish
Jehovah's Witness brochure
in the street

her pre-dawn inner voice says:
"Since you're awake,
let's discuss your schedule"

He said read the full Ferguson report.
There's hope around page 90.

Ides of March Uniquity


She looked out the window.
He looked out the door.
She saw the forest.
He saw the garage.
She took a walk.
He took a ride.
She came home.
He kept driving.

yard-sized Happy Birthday sign
rainbow-chalked on her sidewalk

buds of life
from my friend dead of AIDS
his gift of the lilac

he planted a hundred daffodils
for every friend he lost

this spring, they plant for him

16th & Valencia
long-haired black cat
pink & red necklaces

bar sandwich sign:

texting on a flip phone—
Damn me and my
sesquipedalian vocabulary

while we eat she speaks
to the tattooed face
reflected in the mirror

Taking a known path
A gentle brush with etiquette
The answer is yes

College Avenue stroll
dead bees inside
every store window

parrots chatter in
the palm tree, each frond
heavy with green fruit

boy to dad:
"Don't deconstruct it.
I'm trying to alienate you!"

Market Street Wall Street protest—
man, baby, stroller, sign

Apropos of nothing
Mom said,
"I hate piñatas"

He adamantly
opposes the tyranny
of the early bird

I'm leaving again
A one-way ticket to go
Return uncertain

when he ran out of
treasures to give me, he offered
his tooth fairy cache

Berkeley Subaru
snails through the red light

I am Cato to your fruit fly
my kitchen a battlefield

Little Free Library
2223 Post Street
Take a book, leave a book

Office of the S.O.L. County Clerk

"Henceforth, no fishing
licenses distributed.
Clerk is now vegan."

Whither shall we go:
Austria? Germany? the
bottom of the sea?

a Bodhisattva
must take human form —
but how to explain
this nine-pound cat?

Bicycle messenger's
bag and basket
brimming with flowers

Two friends
six feets
walking life's path together

Kinko's customer inquiry:
"Do you have any holy paper?"

Your hands are on fire
The angel said
Some blackout scars ago

Fifth wheel sits near his
mates; smiles, pretends he's part of
their conversation.

almost silent trees
whisper in the wind
swiftly I sketch slow shadows

hanging the curtain,
I recall the smile of she
who sold it to me

The nursing student
eyed my veins with a downright
vampiric gaze. Eek.

From Jane Gennaro’s “Heebie-Jeebies”

I've been in a coffin
once in my life so far

rusty pine needles
rain down in the
Autumn breeze

Sign in window:
There will be no compassion
until further notice. Sorry.

her hair is one big
dread, a beehive piled
above piercing blue eyes

the mirror
before me
but I'd only

_____ P. :
There's an unbelievable
story I want to tell you.
Please let me.

Ronan to Carl :
"I want the present that mama
hid in the closet."

As I tighten my
scarf the homeless man shivers
under his blanket

well into the night
only one window still lit
beautiful depressing town


the hills of San Francisco
certain streets
not even mapped

dog collar in the
crosswalk, 2 of ♥, Ace of

under the seat

red truck cab
black passenger seat
white cockatoo

Through lamplight a blonde hair floats —
sliver of moon into brackish pond

I have no diamonds
for you. Only a poem.
Is that forever?

Ghetto kids role-play
getting arrested. The "perp"
smiles, face to the wall

Couldn't help but rub
out the sign's extraneous
chalk mark

She runs the field where
Taliban played soccer with
women's severed heads

     Barking eucalyptus fog
      Shrouded doggy bay
       Gray haze without depth or teeth

If I strung up fake
mouse heads, would my resident
rodent get the hint?

imaginary contract negotiations
cleaning the cat box
I'm an April fool.

Ratty, crazy old
man two-step shuffles in
the empty courtyard

Erase the meaning
yet I know it can be good
so I continue

the pregnant squirrel
folds her little hands over
her swollen belly

young mother idly caresses
a tiny pink soft foot

the sound of cough hits my ears
just before
the smell of pot hits my nose

spitting "pollen shit" into her phone
she steps in dog shit
and says "fuck."

To Professor Mousiarty:
I quote Charles Manson in telling you
"It's just a matter of time."

Josh wrote: Feel free to
pray for me—that is, if you're
connected that way.

grandpa & grandkid
ride the shopping cart
down the Costco slope

Signing off, she said:
"WD-40; over and out."

the last puzzle piece,
though fallen, hidden,
couldn't elude me forever

Each morning his oma
examined and greeted
every rose in her garden

I close my eyes and
nose my childhood sniffing deep
within flapping sheets

IKEA hand dryers
blow big ripples on my skin.

Sunday afternoon
teamwork: dad and young boy,
sweeping their sidewalk

ugly-headed headwind
keeps her speed record at bay

little kid from next apartment
can't take out the trash
without singing

we sat and watched the
night-blooming cereus on
the widow’s windowsill

little girl and her
beloved plush rabbit pulled
safe from the rubble

between cracked curtains
sparrow on the phone line
against an empty sky

IKEA fake flowers
Earl Grey dirt
workspace therapy

blue-haired grandma
skin-tight jeans

Japanese woman in cargo pants
walks as if in a kimono

into my dreams waft
the strains of power tools and
Spanish radio

faded basketball
stuck in the pigeon netting

For Yom Kippur

Years ago he kicked
his dog. Today, contrite, he
carts her everywhere.

he joined me on the
balcony; we watched the
dancers swirl below

Iraqi father:

We used to have tasty food, and livestock.
Now we eat the food of livestock.

Brexit? Cal-exit?
Soon there’ll be nothing left
to exit but our minds

system failure not found
thanks for nothing, mission control
atmosphere approaching

cold eye of nightmare
watching them, devouring
tramples hearts and dreams

He sent me a picture
of the last rose of the year

He closed the letter:
"Live life! Me,
I'll think about it."

Marginalia of an Illuminated Manuscript From "Marginalized: Notes in Manuscripts & Colophons Made by Medieval Scribes & Copyists," in Maria Popova's Brainpickings, crediting Lapham’s Quarterly, Spring 2012.

Now I've written the whole thing:
for Christ's sake give me a drink.

Little Christmas tree,
did you cry when you left your
friends in the forest?

Man's T-shirt:


the words come then go
even their shadows fade
remembering remembering

dark red Teran
deep pink in sinking sun
slo moon rising in bottom of glass

garbage collector
jumped on the pogo stick
the first chance he got

woman in sleeping bag
on sidewalk
asks me the time

game on the radio
guy painting mural
mimes latest play
to workers inside

he saved all
the earthworms
stuck in the gutter
swollen with rain

lonely, open umbrella
upside-down on the sidewalk
in the rain

longtime MUNI employee
reads while waiting for her train

spotted two brilliant
field poppies, teasers for the
bounty to come

Mom assured me: "That's
not chocolate on the cookie box—
it's a beret."

Elderly woman
crosses herself after
she's safely
crossed the street

Warm day in the Mission District—
guy passing me softly strums
a ukelele

For all you masochists:
Amtrak sells pain reliver—$1.25

Shoe Repair Sign

We'll heel you.
We'll save your sole.
We'll even dye for you.

door bangs in the wind
for hours on end—
no one to close it

while blowing my mind
she smiles unto me so serene

In nature, are found
Lines on beachcombers' treasures
Man-made, nature bound

he gathers leaves
on his hands and knees, precising
each weed he pulls

SFO: a clean white sock
falls from dozing man's
pant leg; we laugh

old man in empty
Persian rug store, bent over
a pinball machine

Daniel Pink says:
"I'm not a crank
or a Canadian."

though I'm not hungry,
I crave the fresh-baked biscuits
wafting through my window

tiny protest sign:

(and Squirrels)

a heavy sea
bubbles below the surface

The universe
is a crazy place—
just ride the waves
and breathe

on his deathbed, Dad
drank his Pellegrino and
said, Shit that tastes good.

Calvin & Hobbes © Bill Watterson, 29 May 1990

Twitching tufted tail,
a toasty, tawny tummy:
a tired tiger.

my shattering fall
accidentally reveals deep

Sunday night, 7:20.
A neighbor seems to be tuning …
a ukulele?

on my pillow,
soot from fires raging
fifty miles away

not knowing I'm an editor,
he corrected his "irregardless"

Heading out on Halloween:
Kid's bag for treats? Check.
Parent's wine in sippy cup? Check.

Dad and boy, cross-legged
eating Cheerios

"All my former selves
are spinning in their graves,"
she said.

therapists’ waiting room
teenage girl chirps:
“You OCD too?”

downs feel real
ups ring false
reality lies between

bronze sculpture in plaza—
3 heads, 6 arms—
tai chi in the twilight

whirling funnels, slowed
hurled memories fly, explode
racked pool balls, furiously broken
fragments fly unspoken

The pope uses Twitter?
What has the world come to?

My time in San Francisco

Books, Pendell mindset
Barefoot on a wooden floor
Love, let me forget

(If I could’ve fit
“Nick Cave” and “mean psychedelic-minded Russians”
in there, I would have)


I haven't saved my "poems"
If poetry they be
I simply write to lose the words
And forget eternity

the buxom tranny
kissed the elderly homeless
woman on the cheek

skeletons, seven
hundred years old, were
found holding hands

"Since I still can't drink,
then walking like I'm drunk will
have to do for now."

weight of memory
eye of nightmare
the goddamn membrane of spring


Windows updating
11% complete
Don't turn off PC

he shook the tree limb
to rain white blossoms
on his little girl

In a lovely box
enclosed in a velvet bag:
Daisy—June 15

row of rental bikes
a pigeon and its droppings
on each one

Fabric store advice:
"Everyone at Burning Man is
either neon or Mad Max."

She declined: "No one
wants to see their attorney
at Burning Man."

just ride the wave
and breathe

worldly wisdom on a bumper:

London protest sign:

San Francisco now
offers its residents free
"rain ready" sandbags

summer fires
winter lava mud
gorging like gluttons

leaving America
one-way ticket
Tuesday to the unknown

winter sky
furrowed clouds
I'm in the mirror


five syllables first
seven more right about here
now for the content

Oh how I've missed you
pain is temporary
haiku forever

the climbing vine entwined
its blossoms with the
barren rhododendron

they planted catnip
the addicts took over
there goes the neighborhood

the star fell
it's time to
pack up the tree

Tree sings like a bird
On this day a year ago
The telephone rang

In Seattle,
they call their sixth month

On the fifteenth of Juneuary
I turned seventy-seven
numerologist please

his end-of-month "white rabbit" ritual—
sixty years gone and counting

motionless snowy egret
watches traffic fly by

Her shredding fall
reconnects her with now

I was drowning in
a fuzz a puzzle turned to
clarity and bliss.

not really attached to but
sort of
flows free

from a helix of
dead leaves
tomato plant

“What are you willing
to compromise for peace?”

“Everything. My pants.” From “What Israelis and Palestinians Really Think About the Conflict,” The PBS NewsHour, 5 September 2016

Child cries in street:
“I know he don’t love me cuz
he don’t take me nowhere.”

The food in my bowl
is old and, more to the point,
contains no tuna.

Though it’s still autumn,
my laptop’s Cortana asks:
“When does winter end?”

Remembering our dad
she said,
“That man exuded plaid”

box of beautiful
Christmas ornaments empties
into busy street

pedestrians rush in
to save them from traffic


Posted poem returns
A numbers game

Nine days later
forgotten words

the memory
my memory
i almost remember having one

nine words
nine memories
they all add up
(to what I ain’t so certain)

He confessed
shame for desiring
his own wife

Coins in a fountain
Profiles of slave-owners
Shimmering silver

“When your ears
are filled with money,
it’s hard to hear.”“The First Time – with Elizabeth Warren,” Rolling Stone 19 December 2019

trees just coming into bud is
like something almost being said

Canada Geese
nestle in the grass
nibble at the sweet bounty

Early sunlight
shining through a green vase
Shimmering emerald

earthquake provisions
tomato juice stash
homage to Andy Warhol

For Charles Bukowski’s Centennial

Bukowski dragging
His wine bottle up the stairs
Thump thump thump thump smash

Unmasked lemonade stand robbed in Peoria.
Masked kids sell postage stamps in Frisco.
Guy launches masks in LA.
We’re not raking leaves in CA.
Will we see the groundhog’s shadow in November?

We will never be
the land of the free until
all can breathe freely

Geoff sees the mourning doves
eyeing his hair for their next nest

In Chile they say,
El mundo es al revés,
the world is upside-down

The fire’s aftermath
I wonder whose home floated
down onto my car

physics aside,
time passes
trains of thought
in the night

Dolphin Brothers lyric From "Pushing the River," by The Dolphin Brothers from Catch the Fall, 1987

Remove this pain
Will no one help us
out of the water?

The new normal
could be beautiful,
by which we mean
equitable Poster on building, 14th Street, San Francisco (Alicia Escott, 100 Days Action)

blanking on a poem
anti-spam question spamming
the peripheral


Pop Crack Boom Bang Pop
Firearms or fireworks?
New Year's party game

Lost my way again
Riding midnight trains of thought
And yet you waitedTony Press, “Gratitude,” submission to “Poems on 2020: Bay Area readers reflect on the pandemic, essential workers and gratitude,” Vanessa Hua column, San Francisco Chronicle, 10 December 2020

the soles of his socks
so bare only a few threads

orange tumor removed
next, political chemoCrafted from J-L Cauvin essay in Now What?: The Voters Have Spoken―Essays on Life After Trump

Dissenting Opinion

this foray into
armchair epidemiology
cannot end wellSupreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, dissenting opinion, South Bay United Pentecostal Church v. Newsom, 5 February 2021

he’s been in
the center
of her heart
since 1955

love forecast
the aquarius
overthinks it

Love for sale
the Sagittarius
requests a discount

under the heavy carpet
bulbs struggle to find the sun

cusping Pisces and Aries
Scattering gold dust
As she goes

the flowers bloom
in spite of us

on a sunny tabletop
two dozen tulips
have died

Chicago: hangers everywhere.
San Francisco: city of lost shoes.

after a year
of Sundays,
the church bell
tolled again

The true history of Juneteenth:
You lost the damned war.
Surrender already.Robin Washington, “What really happened on Juneteenth—and why it’s time for supremacists and their sympathizers to surrender,” Forward, 18 June 2021

Had to ask my “Burn!”
banker to turn down the “Burn, baby”
music so I could “Burn!” hear him.

Paparazzi flash
In a gauzy dream of fame
Fireworks through fog


Anon, anonymous NYC ninth-grader, author unknown, Claire J. Baker, Stephanie Baker, John Bergez, Jeremy Bigalke, Wing Biddlebaum, Michael Cantrip, Zipporah Collins, Holly Marie Cooper, cz, Shem Damien, Lowell Darling, Philip Daughtry, Tom Doskow, Kevin Fisher-Paulson, Henry Fishman Klimp, Erik Gille, Tom Gilroy, Daniel Godston, Kelly Graham, Paul Grasshoff, Greycloud, Lyall F. Harris, William “Gatz” Hjortsberg, Jeff Jank, Kirsten Janene-Nelson, Edward Ka-Spel, Pearl Kline, Beth Lapides, Rosie Lieber, Jeremy Lindston Robinson, Mad Dog, Evie Magellan, Aubrey Mandrake, Gail Maree, Persse McGarrigle, Jim McKay, Michael Iago Mellender, Lisle Middleditch, Marlene Milne, Wakako Nomura, Teddy O’Malley, Cami Ostman, Rosita Ottilie, Jeanne Pimentel, Norwood Pratt, Pseudonymous, Anthony Quinn, Desmond Ragwort, Lady Rapunza, Baron Felix Ravenna, Angelique Ravensborn, Kathryn Rossetter, Vila Schwindt, Mr. C P Seventy, Penny Skillman, Trixie Smith, The Society for the Preservation of Lowell Darling, Odile Sullivan-Tarazi, Frith Tiplady, Dog Woman.


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