I am a multi-talented professional with 30 years’ experience in book publishing. Whether the task is to assess a manuscript, fine-tune it, or guide it toward publication, I offer both a microscopic eye and peripheral vision, keeping in view the smallest details within the big picture.

I am motivated by connection and relationship. This motivation informs my editing style, whether I’m viewing the text up close or from a wider perspective. At the word level, my focus on connection helps me (re)craft sentences and paragraphs that create a smooth narrative flow — always working for clarity and readability without losing sight of the text’s personality. At the structural level, I work to ensure the various sections tell their tale in coordinated progression.

I love the relationship I develop with the text when editing a book — getting deeper and deeper into the manuscript, coming to understand it better and better. But this also applies when working to produce a book — getting deeper and deeper into the entire publishing operation, collaborating closely with the text and art, with the author and associates, up until the finished product arrives. I love every step of the process, and every part has its value.